You will never learn this in school!

Africa area = 30.37 million square kilometres 
Area of China = 9.6 million square kilometres
U.S. area = 9.8 million square kilometres
Europe area = 10.18 million square kilometres
● Africa is bigger than all of Europe, China and the United States combined.
● But in most of the world maps, Africa is represented in a reduced size.
This is being done on purpose to create the visual impact of little Africa to manipulate Africans and brainwash them and deceive them wherever they are.
Africa owns 60% of the land that is good for agriculture;
Africa possesses 90% of raw materials reserves;
- Africa owns 40% of the world's gold reserve.
- Africa, 33% of the diamond reserve.
- Africa owns 80% of the world's reserves from coltan (metal for producing phones and electronics), especially in the Democratic Congo.
- Africa owns 60% of the world's backup from Cobalt (metal for the manufacturing of car batteries)
Africa is rich in oil and natural gas.
Africa (Namibia) has the richest fishing beaches in the world.
- Africa is rich in manganese, iron and wood.
- Africa's space is three times China's space, three times Europe's space, and three times the space of the United States.
- Africa's area is thirty million square kilometres (30.875.415 square kilometres) ;
- The population of Africa is 1.3 billion NIS (China's population is 1.4 billion NIS with an area of more than 9.6 million square kilometres).
Which means Africa is uninhabited.
-Agricultural lands in the Democratic Republic of Congo are capable of feeding all of Africa.
And all the agricultural lands in Africa are a rope to feed the whole world.
- Democratic Congo has important rivers that can light up Africa.
The problem is that the Westerners, their companies and some African puppets have disrupted Africa's stability for decades.
- Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dance, music, architecture, sculpture, etc.
Africa is home to 30 thousand prescriptions and medicinal herbs modified by the west in its laboratory.
- The world's youth population in Africa is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050.
Africa represents the future of humanity.

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