Conjoined twins who share a vagina but have different sexual orientation reveal the 'uncomfortable' truth about their lives

A pair of conjoined twins have answered questions about their sex lives after revealing that one of them is straight and the other is a lesbian. The 19-year-old sisters who called themselves Mia and Lia for privacy reasons, say they have refused to sleep with anyone. Taking to Reddit, the sisters admitted that they decided to share their story after it was revealed that conjoined twin Abby Hensel secretly tied the knot to boyfriend Josh Bowling, 33, in 2021. In the AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit, Mia and Lia explained why they no longer masturbate because it's too 'uncomfortable' for them as they share the 'same vagina.' 'Okay so background information! Our names are Mia and Lia (not our real names but similar),' the post started off.
'We are 19 years old. We are connected at the abdomen, so two different brains, two hearts, four(ish) lungs (our left and right lungs respectively are kind of fused so it's more like a 3rd lung than a 4th), two livers, two stomachs, and then below that we share our intestines, bladder, and our reproductive system. 'So yes, the same vagina! We each have one arm and leg we can control respectively.'
The twins then revealed how their bodies were formed and who held the greater strengths.
'Lia's lungs have been compressed by my body and on top of that she has severe scoliosis in her spine.'It was also revealed that Mia was the one writing it.
'Yes, I am a lesbian and Lia is straight. I've had a girlfriend although we split it off when I went to university, and she has had a long-distance boyfriend when we were teens,' the post read.
The sisters then noted that they were sharing their lives online so that people on the web could ask them questions.
When asked about masturbation, the twins described it as 'uncomfortable.'
The sisters responded: 'We have masturbated in the past, but we've agreed not to do it as it was too uncomfortable for us.'
Another stranger on the web questioned if masturbating felt like 'incest' to the twins.
They replied: 'With masturbation, it wasn't that it felt like incest, it was more like: imagine this. Imagine someone touching your shoulder, incessantly. It would be pretty annoying and weird right? That's what it's like if Lia touches our vagina, it feels like someone messing around with your body.'When asked if they both felt arousal since they shared the same vagina.
'On the arousal part, sort of? Arousal is a complex hormonal communication between the brain and the genitals, so if you aren't the one that's getting aroused you can kind of tell your genitals are aroused without being aroused yourself. It's the same for other things. Like I can tell when she's hungry even if I'm not, or when she's anxious because of her heart rate and I'm not,' she said.
One person asked: 'So do you two have a discussion if you plan to have anything physical happen with a partner?'
The conjoined twins replied: Well that's the thing. While both me and my sister have sexual urges and both experience arousal, we agreed from an early age on that we would not have sex as it would be 1. very uncomfortable for the both of us and 2. the risk of pregnancy is too great. If we got pregnant there's a good chance we would die.
'However, we will still be intimate with our partners. I would kiss and hug and cuddle with my girlfriend. But she was asexual conveniently so it was not an issue for us.
'But, this is just what works for us. Other conjoined twins, ie Abby and Brittany, may have more intimate interactions or less, normally yes sex alongside your sibling is weird being a conjoined twin is a completely different experience. What works for them is good.'
'My sister has not given oral and I highly doubt she or I ever will,' Mia said in the thread. Someone else asked: 'You mentioned that you have masturbated before and still get sexual urges and ideally would want asexual partners. So does that mean you just won't ever satisfy your sexual urges again?
'How are you ok with that? Lol, is orgasming together that awkward?'
The sisters responded: 'Haha it's not emotionally awkward we've experienced life together that's not any grosser than anything else. It's more just physically uncomfortable. I can feel when my vagina is touched, and it would be horrifying to have somebody who I'm not in a relationship with touch my private parts and same goes with Lia. Imagine having someone touching and playing with your private parts that isn't even involved with you at all. Yeah.
'And yes we plan to not satisfy our sexual urges. If nuns can do it, so can we lol.'
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