Church members crawl under the pastor to cross over into a prosperous 2024 (video)

A video of church members taking turns to crawl under a pastor's raised leg has sparked a heated debate. 

Teenager becomes the first person to ever complete Tetris 34 years after the game's release

An American 13-year-old is the first known person to complete Tetris 34 years after the game’s release.

Harvard president Claudine Gay resigns making her tenure the shortest in the University's history

Claudine Gay, the first Black woman and the second woman to lead Harvard University has resigned from her role after less than a year in the role after facing intense scrutiny over a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism as well as widening allegations of plagiarism in her academic work.

UK stops Nigerian students from bringing dependents

The Home Office of the United Kingdom on Monday, Jan. 1, announced that it had started implementing its policy banning Nigerian students and other overseas students from bringing their dependents via the study visa route.

Women who identify as animals, bark and nearly att@ck each other ( Video)

A video of women barking like dogs has been shared online. The video shared by journalist, Mario Nawfal, shows a beautiful woman on all fours barking as she approaches another woman on all fours.

Jeffrey Epstein said if he revealed what he knew about Trump and the Clintons 2016 election would have been canceled - Brother

Jeffrey Epstein had information on Donald Trump and the Clinton family so incendiary, that it could have changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election if made public, according to the dead financier’s younger brother.

Couple rummage through dog's poop to recover money after it ate their $4,000

A couple has been left sifting through the poo of their dog after it ate $4,000 (£3,150) in cash. 

DNA confirms the real age of the Ukrainian orphan whose adoptive parents accused her of masquerading as a child and trying to k!ll them

Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian orphan accused of trying to kill her adoptive parents ten years ago, is close to 22 years old and was under the age of 10 when she was adopted, DNA test results show.

Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni tells mothers to return to the office; says if she can run the country with a seven-year-old daughter, so can they

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has told mothers in Italy to return to the office, saying that if she can run the country with a seven-year-old daughter, so can they.

Brave mum wrote her abusive boyfriend's name on the wall with her own blood so police could catch him if she d!es

A brave mum who feared her abusive ex-boyfriend would kill her, wrote his name in her own blood so the police would be able to catch him if she died.
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