kiddiesculturalheritage/9: Beads/ Ileke.

BEADS play an important role in our cultural heritage its a sign of noble birth and royalty as it is evident all Africans are royalties.

kiddiesculturalheritage/8:Heargear GELE

Image result for :Headgear GELE
Headgears are part of our cultural heritage they are indeed stunning work of art elegantly worn to compliment dressing they come in various colors and styles each is unique in its own right

kiddiesculturalheritage/7:various clothing materials

aso oke 


Agbada is the classic Yoruba outfit for the comes in different colours, sizes and designs.

kiddiesculturalheritage/5 : greeting Ikini

In our cultural heritage greeting is important it starts and ends the day.

Teen Invents Rain, Fireproof Sleeping Bag for Homeless, and Offers Jobs.

An Irish girl has invented a life-saving sleeping bag for the homeless with the added benefit of creating jobs for some former street dwellers.

Mom's life saved by listening to son!

Kids are taught to do what their parents tell them to do but, in this case, it’s good that Camdyn Smith didn’t follow his mother’s orders; she listened to him instead otherwise she may not be alive today.

Teen behind new hijab emoji; 'I just wanted an emoji of me'.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, who now lives in Vienna, proposed the idea last year to The Unicode Consortium, the non-profit corporation that reviews and develops new emojis.she's delighted that Apple accepted it.

Boy leaves heartbreaking note on cuddly toy in Asda after his mum couldn't afford to buy it for him.

Leon Ashworth,10,

Family Celebrates 3 Generations of Women Graduating This Year!

This isn’t just any school year for the Flennoy family. This is the year that five different women from three familial generations graduate from their respective schools.

KiddesCulturalHeritage/4: Chewing sticks Pako

African chewing stick Pako.

KiddiesCulturalHeritage/3: Hand Washing Fifowo

fifowo is part of our cultural heritage as we use our hands in eating and doing virtually everything so kids make sure you wash your hands often and properly too.

KiddiesCulturalHeritage/2: Osuka

African load pad is used when carrying anything on the head and this load pad is called Osaka.

KiddiesCulturalHeritage/1 : pi pon omo.

Pi pomo is our cultural way of carrying babies and children that are still young around.


Image result for african food sausage rolls

Africansnacks yummy

Image result for african food buns


yellow corn and coconut ha! o ti lo.


well, kids its Snack time! our very own indigenous snacks this sure will bring back memories ask mom and dad

KiddiesEntertainment:African Musical Instrument 3

dundun iya ilu

Entertainment:African Musical Instruments 2


African Musical Instruments 1


Inspirational Teen is Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Ifeoma White Thorpe is trying to decide which of 8 schools is the best for her.

4-Year-old Can’t Contain Emotions When He Hears Stepmom Give Special Message During Wedding Vows!

Plenty of people are susceptible to tears during wedding ceremonies as this 4-year-old boy couldn’t contain his emotions when his stepmom gave him a special message during the vows.

KiddiesFashionistas 4: Simple clean cut will do for boys.

Image result for african hair cut for boys
Boys are the best no-fuss, easily pleased, and with just a nice clean fresh-cut, boys are ready to roll!

KiddiesFashionistas 3:Simple easy natural hair styles for girls.

Let girls embrace their fro lets do age-appropriate hairstyles for them at the end of the day they are just kids omode lomode ama je.

KiddiesFashonistas 2: Aren't they just cute.

 indeed a Princess!

KiddiesFashionistas 1:Proudly African

Image result for asoebi kids
isn't she lovely!


Amala ati egusi

Amala with gbegiri and ewedu o Lala !! This is correct African Nija western part food from IBADAN to be precise wey gbogbo Omo Ibadan.


Jollof rice well, guys, this will make your day anytime, any place. it's our very own jollof rice it's tasty, delicious, and heavenly especially if made with love by mum or dad do ask mum to make some for you and do help out in cooking it too can't wait for you to tell me all about it enjoy! :-)

9-Year-old Has Given Over 7,000 Donuts to Police Officers!.

Tyler Carach is a youngster on a mission to give doughnuts to as many police officers in America as possible. The youth who has adopted the pseudonym “Donut Boy” is currently on a 6 weeks road trip across America to distribute the pastries in American police departments.
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