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Image result for african amalaAmala ati egusi(e.
Amala with gbegiri and ewedu o Lala !! This is correct African Nija western part food from IBADAN to be precise wey gbogbo Omo Ibadan.
so kids if you are from Ibadan tell your mum or dad to make and teach you how to make this. its is very yummy better than junk food ohunje to doso Amu ara dan pepe do try it and am sure you will tell me all about it in the comment section agba ibi ire o o o:-)
Smoked turkey eforiro(d Stockish ilaalasepo(c.Osiki(bGegiri,ewedu ati obe ata(a.Ogbono(gEwedu elegusi(fEwedu(h.

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