It’s never too early to learn to clean up after yourselves,this toddler just did!

Miles Callahan is a New Jersey youngster who is being hailed as a little superhero after a video of him washing dishes started going viral. Toddler wows the Internet by washing dishes while “Belly-Balancing”.This talented little toddler is proving that you can never be too young to start cleaning up after yourself. The toddler can be seen balancing by his belly on the edge of the family’s kitchen sink while he carefully washes his dishes. When his father, Clint Callahan, asks Miles what it is he’s doing, he nonchalantly responds with “wash bowl”.His mother excitedly affirms the statement, to which the young toddler cheerfully says “yeah!”.It’s never too early to teach your kids to clean up after themselves, says the New Jersey father. “I don’t care his feet can’t touch the ground, it’s Sunday clean up boy.” Regardless of whether he continues to clean up after himself in the future, one thing is for sure this kid definitely has a future in acrobatics.

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