Winnie Harlow Inspired? Checkout This Vitiligo Barbie Doll!

An artist Winona Flammery has created a barbie with Vitiligo.
This doll symbolises and also showgirls with vitiligo although they are made differently yet they're still beautiful, they matter and are represented. This is creating the needed awareness, enlightenment and letting the world know and accept what vitiligo is and this, in turn, will maybe stop the bullying. Have you ever walked through a store and went down the Barbie aisle and thought why isn’t there a Barbie-like me on that shelf? well, now you have it!. For those that don’t know what vitiligo is, It’s a skin condition in which white patches of the skin appear on different parts of the body, the reason for this is the cells that make the pigment colour in the skin are destroyed. The doll looks more like model Winnie Harlow.
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