Teens Save Dad’s Life When Truck Rolls Onto His Head.

Bob Staub might not be alive today if it were not for the quick-thinking of his 14-year-old son and his two teenage friends. Staub found himself in trouble after he took the three freshmen, high school students, out fishing at Tunica Lake, Mississippi last weekend. They were backing their truck and boat down the boat ramp when the car’s gear suddenly slid into the park. Because this is a common occurrence with their SUV, Staub knew that he could fix it by manually shifting the gear from underneath the car. The father crawled under the vehicle and started fiddling with the transmission. As the car slid into neutral, however, Staub realized that he had made a fatal mistake: he had forgotten to pull the emergency brake. The car then rolled three inches onto the side of Staub’s head, thus pinning him to the concrete. Unable to move, the dad fell in and out of unconsciousness. Staub’s son Nick and his two friends spent the next 45 seconds pushing the car off of the man’s head until finally, Staub was able to regain consciousness and pull his head free. The students called 911 and Staub was rushed to the hospital where doctors conducted X-rays and a CAT scan to ensure that he was unharmed. The results showed that despite the nasty looking mark on the side of his head he had only sustained some bruising. Staub says that if it had not been for the teens, he may have died. Now, the dad considers the three youngsters his heroes.
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