Police cooked lonely elderly couple dinner after they heard them crying.

When police heard reports of crying and shouting in Rome last Tuesday, they expected to find a crime. What they discovered instead, though, is absolutely heartbreaking. The four officers found 84-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband Michele in their small apartment, completely unaffected by any sort of wrongdoing. They were just watching TV. Jole asked her husband why there was so much hate in the news and burst into tears. She cried so hard that people called the police. The couple, who have been together for nearly 70 years, felt desperately lonely, telling officers it had been ages since they had a visitor. Officers made note of the sparse food in the kitchen, and as they waited for an ambulance to come to check on the couple, one officer cooked pasta for them. The other three sat down with the couple to talk and keep them company. They said the loneliness was so suffocating at times that they had only a television to keep them company. Rome police shared the whole story on their Facebook page, which has been translated into English.
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