Joshua Beats Parker To Unify WBA, IBF, WBO Belts.

Anthony Joshua unified the WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight titles as a controlled performance saw him earn a unanimous points win over Joseph Parker at a tense Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Travellers to the US to be asked for their social media history.

TRAVELLERS TO THE United States will soon have to submit their social media identities, previous telephone numbers and email addresses, a measure that could touch 10 million people per year.

Unarmed black man killed by police was shot 7 times in back, autopsy finds.

A PATHOLOGIST HIRED by lawyers for the family of an unarmed man killed by Sacramento police says an independent autopsy shows Stephon Clark was shot seven times from behind and took up to 10 minutes to die.

Gun! Gun! Gun!': Body Camera Video Shows Sacramento Police Officers Shooting Unarmed Stephon Clark.

The two Sacramento police officers who shot Stephon Clark this past Sunday followed the unarmed black man at night into his grandparent's backyard.

UPDate:Sharda University suspends 7 guards for throwing out Kenyan student.

GREATER NOIDA: Seven guards hired by Sharda University from a private agency have been suspended after a video purportedly showed them lifting a student of African origin by the hands and legs and throwing him out of campus.

Photos/Videos: Outrage over clips of an African student being manhandled by University security guards in India.

 Photos/Videos: Outrage over clips of an African student being manhandled by University security guards in India
A young student of African origin was manhandled by security guards at Sharda University Campus Greater Noida, India

Remembering Wangari Maathai the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize.

Wangari Maathai: Al Gore,Wangari Maathai
Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize, died at the age of 71.A towering figure in Kenya, Maathai was renowned as a fearless social activist and an environmental crusader.

Nigeria a Nation Saddled by Corruption and Stealing -Tunde Omisore.

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When former Nigerian President,Dr Goodluck Jonathan affirmed a few years back that “corruption is not stealing”, he was crucified and vilified. Perhaps, among other things, that statement cost him the presidency. Also, once upon a time, a former British Prime Minister of Britain referred to Nigeria as “a fantastically corrupt nation”. Angered, by this declaration, many came out to condemn the former Prime Minister’s frank assessment of our country’s corruption status. As if to further validate the truth about the nation’s corruption situation, Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics’ recently reported that a total sum of N400 billion is spent on bribes each year since 2015. Wow!. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2014, Nigeria is up eight places to 136 out of 175 countries ranked by the index. As a matter of fact, Nigeria shares the 136th position with well-known corrupt countries like Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, and Lebanon.
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The CPI ranks countries on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean). More than two-thirds of the 175 countries surveyed, including Nigeria, scored below 50. Nigeria is clearly not the country with the lowest score on the index (its score was 27%), but according to Transparency International, any country that scores below 50% on the index is still considered “highly corrupt.
Stealing is just one of the branches of corruption just like gynaecology is a branch of medicine. Corruption is an abuse of power; it is the father of stealing. Werlin described corruption as the “diversion of public resources to non-public purposes,” in which the public office holder illegally appropriates public resources for personal use. Earl J. Friedrich called corruption a deviant behaviour associated with selfish gains at the public expense.
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In Nigeria, corruption manifests in diverse ways. For instance, it could come in the garb of a policeman demanding for a bribe from offenders or a public official trying to cut corners in awarding a public contract or even a religious leader or body soliciting for a favor from public office holders towards building a mega cathedral. Corruption in Nigeria is a national culture, a way of life that has been endorsed by institutions and supported by all and sundry. It does not matter how you make your money in the country whether you are a drug baron or ex-agitators, traditional rulers would offer you chieftaincy titles, religious leaders will offer you prominent roles and even make prominent mention of your name from time to time as a pillar in the ‘House of God’. Among all countries of the world, the cost of construction of a road in Nigeria is the most expensive. A careful assessment of road projects in Nigeria shows that averagely a kilometre of road costs N1bn. Road projects are also constantly being reviewed with the government increasing the contract sums either biannually or once in five years. A recent report indicates that even in Africa, the cost of constructing roads in Nigeria is far higher than what is spent on constructing roads in other nations on the continent. The minimum wage as at now is #18,000 but our lawmakers are paid huge sums of money that makes other hardworking compatriots cringe.Image result for nigerian roads
But the truth is that almost every segment of the country is corrupt. From the least to the greatest, the young to the old, Nigerians have become fantastically corrupt people, almost without conscience. This is why it is sometimes amusing to see so-called analysts and critics always blaming political elite for our corruption status.
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The reality on the ground is that almost every professional in the country has one or two things to do with corruption. Teachers in higher institutions either sleep with female students or demand for financial inducement before they could scale through in examinations. Parents connive with officials to procure admission into tertiary institutions for their wards.Image result for nigerian government hospitalsPersonnel in public hospitals either hoard or illegally sell drugs that are procured by the government for patients. Members of the informal sector such as tailors, mechanics, builders, plumbers, painters etc end up buying inferior materials when they were actually given money for ‘original’ products. And they swear to high heavens that what they have is original. The list is endless. There is also the high incidence of “ghost workers,” in the public service which was estimated at 60,000 in 2014, in addition to 50,000 fictitious workers in 2013. Undaunted by the anti-corruption credentials of the current government, civil servants, in connivance with politicians and crony-contractors, have continued to “pad” the federal budget.Image result for nigerian higher institutions cultism and asuu strike
Sadly, in our tertiary institutions of higher learning, where ‘future leaders’ are being produced, the situation is even more alarming as student union election become a bloodbath. Unlike in those days when student unionism was quite vibrant, the reverse is now the case. Student union leaders have somehow mastered the art of corruption more than their seniors across the country. They give phantom awards to the political and economic elite in the country with the sole intent of collecting from the (suspecting?) awardees their own part of the commonwealth. It is that bad. Money is now our God in Nigeria. And unsurprisingly, animals in the country are closely watching. From the look of things, it won’t be long before snakes, monkeys, fowls, lizards and other animals in the country would outdo their human counterparts in the area of undue love and craze for money.Related imageOn a serious note, every Nigerian must understand that corrosive effect of corruption on the country as a whole. We need to understand that the current trend of unbridled theft, greed, selfishness and illegal acquisition of wealth would lead us to nowhere. We must take a cue from other countries in the world where common resources are judiciously used for the good of all. For instance, to really drive its economic miracle that has made it the fifth least corrupt country in the world with per capita GDP of $53,053, Singapore made the elimination of corruption from its public service a top priority, kick-start reforms that raised pay, attracted the best hands and punished graft with zero tolerance.Related imageIf we want Singapore results in our country, we must be ready to go the Singapore way. We cannot make omelettes without breaking egg; we cannot eradicate corruption without sacrifice. I hope in our generation we will witness the day when we can truly say, “corruption, not in our country”. God bless Nigeria!  Cartoons by Mike Asuquo

University Education At All Cost Is Not Working in Nigeria - Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú .

University education is not for everyone, and policy formulators, educators and parents should stop pretending it is. Nigeria’s education system is not rational, and unfortunately, all the actors, from the government to the parents are averse to acknowledging the long and daunting odds it presents to students.

Britain Appoints Nigerian As First Female Black Ambassador To Mozambique.

Great Britain has appointed a Nigerian as the first female black ambassador to Mozambique. She is Ms NneNne Iwuji-Eme.

Zimbabwe holds Miss Albinism beauty pageant to fight stigma.

Miss Albinism
Harare oozing charm and confidence, 22-year-old Sithembiso Mutukura beat 12 other contestants in Zimbabwe’s first Miss Albinism beauty contest aimed at reducing stigma and increasing awareness about the condition.

Susanne Wenger: A brief walk in to the life of Adunni Olorisa.

What was it the early missionaries said about our gods that have made us appraised them as evil? How did they manage to exalt their religion at the expense of our own?For when it comes to spirituality, which is the sole purpose of every religion, the depth and wisdom of African spirituality supersede all others.

Linda Brown, the Kansas girl who sparked the end of racial segregation in schools, dies at 76.

Linda Brown, the Kansas schoolgirl whose case brought an end to racial segregation in US public schools in 1954, her family has announced.Brown's name is forever closely intertwined with the struggle of African-Americans against prejudice and inequality, her case a crucial stepping stone on the path to civil rights.

Black Panther.‘Young black people can be heroes too': the campaign to send kids to see Black Panther.

Black Panther becomes highest-grossing superhero movie in the US. Box office results show that the film has earned a record-breaking total of $630.9m so far, taking it to No 5 on the all-time US list.

The Rucksack Project by Sammy Barcroft and Joanne Vines.

Sammy Barcroft and Joanne Vines created The Rucksack Project which collects bags full of essential goods for the homeless.

Man Pulls Knife On Woman In Street, Doesn't Realize Homeless Pit Bull Has Her Back.

In Baldwin, Georgia, an unnamed pit bull had been living quite the tragic life. Although he had no name and no clear history, clues to his past were visible to those who looked.

Mother arrested in US after video of infant smoking cigar goes viral online.

A VIDEO OF an infant smoking a small cigar set off outrage on social media that helped US authorities identify and arrest the mother.

Who was Martin Luther King? Legacy of assassinated civil rights hero. whose I Have A Dream speech inspired. a nation.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King III was just five when his father made the historic address but an assassin's bullet ended his father's life.

He lost his parents to cancer - so he turned himself into the 'Daff Man'.

TODAY IS DAFFODIL Day and across the country, people are wearing flowers in support of the fight against cancer.

Depressed Wife Finds Note From Her Husband Scribbled On The Mirror.

Imgur user “mollywho” recently got married. But with a history of depression, the road lately has been a bit bumpy. Work has been particularly tiring, her social circle has been shrinking, and now she’s in the midst of navigating a brand-new marriage.

19-Year-Old Drops Out Of College To Help His Dying Friend Complete His 127-Point Bucket List

Chris Betancourt was diagnosed with a form of cancer called chronic myelogenous leukaemia.

'No more silence': Hundreds of thousands march for gun control in the US.

Summoned to action by student survivors of the Florida school shooting, hundreds of thousands of teenagers and their supporters rallied in the nation’s capital and cities across America today to press for gun control in one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam era.

Drivers insisted on following sat-nav straight into Wicklow snowdrifts, rescuers say.

Snow in Wicklow during the 'Beast from the East'.

A MOUNTAIN RESCUE team based in Wicklow has revealed that a number of motorists insisted on following their sat-navs onto impassable mountain roads during the recent spells of freezing weather.

Dog with human face is causing havoc and people are comparing him to celebs

Yogi is a fluffy Shih-poo. He turned one last month. People think Yogi looks a lot like a human.

World's last male northern white rhino Sudan has died

The world's last male northern white rhino has died, leaving only two females of its subspecies alive in the world.

Photographer's dilemma after spotting something incredible as bride walks down the aisle

Weddings can be extremely emotional. You get to watch someone you care about to marry the person they love, and you're part of the very first moments of their life together.

Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist, dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, the brilliant British theoretical physicist who overcame a debilitating disease to publish wildly popular books probing the mysteries of the universe, has died, according to a family spokesman.

22-Year-Old Passes Away. His Powerful Obituary Is Going Viral Everywhere.

22-year-old Clay William Shephard passed away on a Sunday morning in May 2015 after a drug overdose.

Thief Tries To Steal Woman's Car, Bursts Out Laughing When He Sees Note She Left For Him.

This woman has a common problem her car always gets stolen, and she knows it.

61-Year-Old Model Absolutely Rocks Her Swimsuit Campaign, And Shares Her Beauty Secrets

This woman proves that swimwear models don’t have to be young.