Girl, 15, is charged with three counts of manslaughter after killing three teens when she crashed a stolen SUV.

A 15-year-old girl has been arrested after she killed three of her teen friends when she crashed a stolen SUV. Cindy Sanchez was charged with three counts of manslaughter and three counts of criminally negligent homicide after the horror wreck on the Meadowbrook State Parkway in New York on Thursday. Ten people, including her 18-month-old son, were crammed into the SUV when it lost control and flipped over. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday in Nassau County Family Court, according to Newsday. 
Three of the youngsters were killed. They are Herbert Leo Aviles Maravilla, 16, Marlon Carbajal, 15, and David Sanchez, 13. David is Cindy's younger brother. She is in the hospital with a fractured elbow along with five others. Diego Aviles Maravilla, 15, Mayela Flores, 15, Kevin Robles, 16, Lisbeth Menjivar, 16, Walter Ochoa, 17, and 18-month-old Gael Sanchez, 18 months, all suffered minor injuries. 
The car flipped several times before it finally came to a stop on the side of the road. The three teens who died were all thrown from the car as it rolled. The 18-month-old is believed to have been in a car seat. Moments before the crash, witnesses described the SUV overtaking other vehicles on the road and swerving. 
Sanchez was speeding at the time though it is not known exactly how fast she was going. The speed limit on the road is 55 mph. 'We have witness statements that reported that the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed and driving erratically. 'One witness travelling in the same direction said it came up behind him and swerved around him before the crash,' State Police Maj. David Candelaria told New York Daily News on Friday. As they worked through the wreckage on Friday, one investigator was seen holding up what looked like one of the youngster's shirts.