Wedding photographer shares his genius hack for taking stunning illusion images simply by using your IPHONE screen.

Memorizing: Mathias Fast - a wedding photographer based in Richmond, British Columbia - incorporates a phone screen to create stunning reflective photographs 
A wedding photographer has shared a genius hack that allows even the most amateur snapper to capture stunning images, simply by using the screen of your phone.
Mathias Fast based in Richmond, British Columbia explained that not only will the addition of a phone screen enable you to snap incredibly professional-looking photos, it's also a handy accessory to use because most people always have one with them where they are.'A phone is almost always in my pocket which is why I find it such a handy tool to use,' Mathias told Bored Panda. 
The hack involves placing a phone screen directly underneath a camera's lens to use the reflection as an addition to the image. Depending on what angle the phone is held, a reflection will incorporate itself into the lower half of the image. 'I try not to overuse it (like with anything it can get gimmicky if used too much) but definitely incorporate it a couple times throughout a wedding or portrait session,' the photographer explained.' Sometimes the effects are subtle, sometimes they are much more dramatic.' Mathias first stumbled upon this hack when he was photographing a wedding and noticed the reflection a bridesmaid's phone was making in his pictures. 'I realized that at the right angle and distance I could incorporate the reflection(s) into a photograph while disguising the fact that they were coming from a phone,' he told the online site.
The photographer has been working professionally for six years and said his goal for his photographs is to have the viewer pause for a second to figure out what they are viewing. What's nice about this hack is that it requires no use of Photoshop or another editing tool. Instead, someone can just use what they already have in their pocket to incorporate the reflection. Mathias said that while a phone to get the shot, people can also use other reflective surfaces like a countertop or window pane. 'I've even used the surface of my watch to bounce some interesting light into a scene,' he said.