'The little knitted octopuses worked brilliantly': How a Dublin knitting group helped these premature twins.

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BELIEVE IT OR not, knitted octopuses can be a great help to premature babies during the weeks they’re confined to incubators.
The Rotunda Knitters Group, who knit clothing for premature babies, launched the Tentacles for Tinies initiative last year. As part of the project, the handmade octopus dolls are placed in the incubators to help the infants stop pulling on their medical tubes. Lesley-Anne Uzice, whose twins Eli and Ezra were born prematurely late last year, said the work of the Rotunda Knitters made what was a difficult time a little easier.“The first week or so, myself and my husband… it was so overwhelming,” she says. But the two octopuses worked brilliantly with the twins who were born at 27 weeks and now over six months later are strong and healthy.
“It’s lovely,” Uzice says. “And we’ll have them [the octopuses] as a keepsake that we’ll have forever.”Part of the Rotunda Foundation, the Rotunda Knitters have been working to craft handmade clothing and accessories for premature babies. Their work also includes creating clothing for babies that unfortunately passed away. The work the volunteers do means it’s “one less thing” the parents need to worry about as they go through such a traumatic time, says founder Martina Duffy.
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