Shirtless dad, son arrested for gunning down neighbor in trash fight.

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A west Texas man was gunned down by his two shirtless neighbours in a shocking confrontation recorded by the victim’s girlfriend, according to a broadcast report on Wednesday. Aaron Howard, 37, was killed on Sept. 1 in Abilene, allegedly by father-and-son neighbours Johnnie and Michael Miller, authorities said. They’ve both been arrested and charged with murder. The deadly confrontation was caught on the cellphone of Howard’s fiancée, Kara Box, who shared the video said: “People deserve to know what actually happened”. The dad, Johnnie Miller, 67, was holding a pistol while Michael Miller, 31, had a shotgun. The three men were arguing over a dumped mattress in an alley behind Howard’s house on Don Juan Street in Abilene, according to the video.“If you come closer to me, I’m gonna kill you,” the elder Miller reportedly could be heard yelling at Howard. And amazingly, Howard didn’t back down.“Hey, did you hear him say he’s going to kill me?” the victim told his filming fiancée. Howard then barked at his two armed neighbours to leave the scene, according to the report.“Put the gun up and go inside!” Howard yelled. Box tried to intervene and told the father and son: “You’re not going to shoot my husband.”The men kept arguing, and at least two pistol shots were fired by the dad, Box told the station. Her video captured the sound of the pistol fire but not any images of Johnnie Miller shooting. Box did capture Michael Miller opening fire with his shotgun. Taylor County DA Jim Hicks said the video could be key evidence.“Video evidence like this is always graphics and very difficult to watch,” Hicks said in an interview on the station. “But, it is consistent with the charges.”The father and son have been charged with first-degree murder. Both are out on $25,000 bail.