9 quick and awesome ways to style your natural hair.

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Gone are the days when natural hair was associated with broken combs, pain, tears and hair shedding. With the growing revolution of the hair industry, many women are going with the “fro” and there have been innovations that make this hair type more manageable and stress-free. Natural hair is now not just hair; it is a movement. Unfortunately, many naturalists are oblivious of the many options that are available with this hair type. There are so many styles one can try with natural hair and the good thing is, they can be done with your hair stylist or in the comfort of your home.Here are some styles you can try to switch things up a bit:
The up-do:Some call this the bun or pineapple. This is the most common go-to hairstyle for every woman with natural hair. Just apply some hair moisturizer, comb or brush the hair and use an elastic hair band to hold up the hair; voila! Some take it a notch higher by slicking down the edges with a preferred gel. It is important to note that too much of holding the hair up can have an effect on the hairline by gradually receding it
Braid out:Just like the name, this hairstyle requires that you braid the hair into the desired sizes and unravel at a later time. This is done by sectioning the hair and applying water and a bit of oil or pomade or an alcohol-free gel which prevents hair frizz. The sectioned hair is then braided and left to dry for some hours or overnight. Sectioned sizes range from small to medium to jumbo braids. The dry braids are then unravelled and fluffed out with a hair pick and styled as desired. Do not comb out the hair as this destroys the curl pattern created by the braids.
Twist out:Much like braid outs, the same steps are followed only this time, the sectioned hair is twisted into two strand braids. Though very similar to the three strand braid out, the curl patterns differ slightly, with the three strand hair being smaller and frizzier as opposed to the two strand which looks more “s” shaped and smoother.Some hair types work better with the two strand braids than the three strand ones and vice versa. It is important to try-out both styles and stick to whichever works better for you as no two people have the same hair type.
Flat twist-out: This style is just like a cornrow only this time, it is not with three strands but two. The hair is sectioned just as it would be for a cornrow; water and product are applied and the hair is twisted down. Unravel the following morning or hours later to reveal gorgeous curls.
Straightened hair: Here, the hair temporarily assumes a different form. The usual curly and coiled nature of the hair is altered by heat application. Hair product and heat are applied to straighten the hair in sections with tools like flat irons and a hot comb. This makes the hair straight and seemingly relaxed but will revert to its natural curl pattern once the hair comes into contact with water. Some natural hair enthusiasts are however simply revolted by the mention of heat application to their naturally curly tresses and would never consider this an option.
Sets: Sets are simply styles used to describe hairstyles that involve the hair being wet, rolled up with desired rollers and left to dry in that style. These styles when released make the hair look fuller, curly and wavy. They range from flexible rods sets, which are the flexible rods used to curl the hair to roller set styles.
Wash and go: This hairstyle requires that immediately after a wash, products like conditioner and any preferred oil of choice are applied to the hair and left to dry out without combing through the hair. This allows the natural curl pattern of the hair to be on full display.
Protective styles: The term protective styles are used to describe styles that are known to “protect” the hair from everyday manipulation. Less manipulation is equal to less shedding of the hair which means healthier hair. There is a never-ending list of the protective styles a person can try. From using hair pieces of various types like kinky to straight braid the hair, twist, cornrow, crochet hair, install sew-ins amongst so many other styles to try. Wig caps also provide a different route to tread. Just cornrow the natural hair and throw on any wig cap of your choice and step out looking like a different person. Women with natural hair in temperate regions are advised to switch to protective hairstyles during the very cold periods as the harsh weather conditions can make hair dry and break the hair.
Wondering what new thing to possibly integrate into your boring hair routine? Headwraps are another option to try out. They also provide protection of sorts for the hair as they cover the hair completely. The fun thing is that Ankara fabric of different colours provide just the variety you need.