Can spot the sneaky seven bison hidden in London.

A Where's Wally-style brainteaser never fails to infuriate and delight in equal measures, and this could be one of the trickiest varieties yet. The latest brainteaser to baffle puzzlers challenges you to find seven buffalos hidden in a photo of London's skyline. They are spread throughout the image and you'll have to use your eagle-eyed observation skills to find each buffalo wandering among some of the capital's most recognisable landmarks, including Big Ben and Tower Bridge. According to the puzzle's creator, it takes around 30 seconds to find the elusive buffalos, but can you do better? 
The puzzle was created by design agency Buffalo 7 to mark the opening of its new branch in Soho. But you don't need to worry if you're stuck - here are a few clues that can help you in your search for the elusive buffalo. For those who don't want any help, look away now! Clues: Phone box. Cab. Queen’s Guard. Eye. Bridge. Palace. Bus. 
Another recent puzzle to bamboozle the internet could leave you with double vision, as it challenges you to spot a tutu among a sea of watermelons. The tough animation by UK site Dancewear Central shows up to 300 slices of the fruit against a similarly coloured background. Throwing a spanner in the works, a tutu nestles among the fruit fest- but is nearly impossible to spot...but can you find it?
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