Hollywood hair stylist reveals the unexpected tricks that will give ANYONE A-list volume

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons from Dublin who has worked with some of the biggest names in showbiz (pictured with model Sofia Jamora in June 2018) has revealed how anyone can get A-list volume with the right techniques 

Hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons pictured with Khloe Kardashian at the legendary family Christmas party in December 2017 

Get the basics right 
The foundation for healthy voluminous hair is a good shampoo and conditioning regime. For finer hair, I would recommend a lighter deep cleansing shampoo that gets rid of product build up which weighs the hair down making it looks thin and lank. Weekly conditioning treatments are a must to create volume and vitality. If you colour your hair make sure you use Olaplex one a week it repairs coloured hair making the structure of your hair stronger and thicker.
Never rub dry with a towel
The biggest no for fine hair is roughly towel drying hair just pat the hair with a towel or you will break your already fragile hair.
Embrace rollers
Old fashioned but an old reliable with all my clients is velcro rollers. They are a really easy way to get maximum volume in the hair. Put the rollers in while you do your make up to give a bouncy blow dry look.
Don't be afraid of mousse 
It gets a bad rep, but it’s come a long way if you use the correct product. A good volumising mousse is great for fine hair. Use it when the hair is damp on the roots, then dry the hair upside down for a great root lift.
Use hairspray on your roots
Teasing the root with a little hairspray gives instant fullness to the hair. Make sure it’s just light teasing, section by section with a paddle brush or comb. Make sure the hairspray you use is light, if it’s heavy it can weight the hair down.
Have regular trims 
If you have finer hair you must have regular trims instead of holding on to straggly ends that make the hair appear thinner. Adopt a shorter style, the more length you take off, the thicker the hair will look. The bob is set to be a big look for next season.
Protect against heat 
Hair is very fragile, especially fine hair, so making sure you always use a good protection spray is essential. Also turn down the heat down on your dryers and straighteners, fine hair doesn’t need the hottest setting this will maintain health and vitality.
Use dry shampoo for texture 
Use a texturising spray or a dry shampoo, this is a great way for keeping volume in hair throughout the day. Flip your head upside down starting on the underside of the hair, spray dry shampoo or texturising spray from the root to the midshaft to create volume.
Touch uproots - even if you don't need to
A really easy hair hack for thin hair is to use a root shadow, this instantly makes the hair look fuller. Colour Wow do a great root cover-up, just use a little brush and apply the correct tone to the scalp this will instantly make it look like you have more hair.
Spritz on a shine spray 
Shiny hair adds volume, creating depth to the hair. To get your hair really shiny, make sure you do not overuse product, so as little as possible