Pringles advent calendars are a thing in the UK.

Pringles advent calendars are a thing in the UK and sorry, is it Christmas yet?
Christmas is coming.
Yes, Halloween isn’t even here yet, but still, Christmas is coming. Just accept it. Decorations are already in the shops. Christmas ads will be on the TV soon. Prepare to hear Mariah Carey and Wham! nonstop for the next few months. The first thing you need to sort for Christmas though, before worrying about presents or where you're going for lunch, is your advent calendars. Traditionally, they should have chocolate in them, right? There was always one year when your mum got you one that just had pictures in there, and it was crap and basically ruined Christmas. However, here is an alternative option: crisps.
Last year, UK store B&M sold Pringle's advent calendars, and they were so popular over there that they sold out. Lucky for everyone in Great Britain though, they are bringing them back again in 2018. Mini break away over the holiday season, anyone? Each door of the calendar has one of the little Pringles tubs in there, of all different flavours. There is a catch though it doesn’t start on December 1, it only has twelve days on it. Twelve days of Christmas and all that. Plus, it’s probably a good idea that you don’t eat too many tubs of Pringles. The calendars retail for a very reasonable £.799, and yes, they do already appear to be on the shelves. Anyone want to send a few our way or..?