5 year old boy calls 911 to find mom who’s in heaven. What the officer suggested made my heart cringe…

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To any child, their mother means the whole world to them and when their world loses this warm bright light, how does a child suppose to keep walking in darkness? This production is based on a true story. Deep in the night, an old officer received a 911 call from a 5-year-old boy who needed help to find his mommy.
“Where is your mom?”, the officer asked. “Heaven” he responded. Didn’t want to dig too deep, the officer asked for his name and some information about his mother, treating it as if it was a real missing person’s case. After learning that his name is Jerry, the officer then suggested an unusual way for Jerry to contact his mom. That’s when my heart started to cringe…but that was only just the beginning because what this policeman did afterwards literally brought me to tears. I don’t know about you, but I shed a few drops after watching this, especially the part when Jerry called the officer back to tell him that his mommy didn’t receive his messages…oh boy! So for those who are fortunate enough to have their mothers to talk to. Please appreciate it. You don’t want it to become a distant memory. And for those who didn’t get the deeper meaning behind this short film. It’s basically teaching us about the importance of memory, that perhaps someday, we will forget a few things in our lives, but that’s not the main point. What we must understand is that forgetting and remembering are both equally as important. We must learn to forget, learn to let go because sometimes, forgetting is a natural medicine to help us. It is perhaps the strongest force which allows us to keep walking…So what about you?. Do you have something that you can’t let go?