Baby given 1% of survival after falling from window makes recovery.

A baby who suffered dire injuries when he plunged 40ft from a window on to a pavement has made a full recovery. Anwar Nyanzi was 11 months old when he got on a chair while his aunt’s back was turned, hoisted himself on to a window ledge at the block of flats and fell out. With severe brain and spinal injuries, he had what was said to be a one per cent chance of survival. But he somehow began breathing unaided again and was standing up within weeks of the fall. His mum Hawa Rutansingwa said: “It was nothing short of a miracle. He pulled through despite having gone through the stuff of nightmares.”
She collapsed when she arrived at the scene of the accident and saw him. Hawa, 32, said: “His head was like a balloon. One of his eyes was almost popping out of his head..“But he proved himself a fighter.”Anwar fell from his aunt Fauzia’s third-floor flat in Croydon, South London, while Hawa was at work. Fauzia was sickened when she noticed Anwar had vanished and saw him motionless on the ground. She phoned 999 and called Hawa who rushed there too. Over four days in intensive care at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, Anwar had brain surgery and treatment for broken ribs and arms. Hawa, who works in the healthcare sector, said: “I went with my brother and mother to kiss my son goodbye... It was horrible.”Anwar’s dad, who lives in Uganda, made arrangements to fly to Britain to say farewell too. Mum-of-three Hawa said the moment her lad astonished everyone by breathing for himself was “indescribable”.Doctors warned that Anwar was likely to be severely disabled but he can see, hear and move normally after intensive physiotherapy. He went home two months after the fall in July last year.And the lad, now two, has continued his astonishing recovery at the family home in Purley, South London, to the delight of his four-year-old brother and sister who is five. Hawa does not blame her sister Fauzia for the accident, adding that Anwar’s return to health has been so complete “you would never know what he has been through”.