Cuteness overload! Chinese airline launches the 'PANDA route'.

Is this the cutest flight you've seen? A Chinese airline has launched a flight with aircraft and food inspired by the bears
China has taken its love for giant pandas to new heights. An airline company has launched a daily flight inspired by the black-and-white animals, which is considered by the nation to be its national treasure. Passengers on the so-called 'Panda Route' are transported by an Airbus A350 sporting cartoon livery of eight pandas, greeted by air hostesses donning panda-inspired uniforms and treated with food resembling the image of the lovely bears.
The adorable flight is operated by Sichuan Airlines from the province of Sichuan where pandas are original from. Sichuan Airlines says it wants to offer a complete panda-inspired journey for its customers, from when they arrive at the airport to when they open their meal box. To begin with, passengers check in their flight and drop their luggage at a 'panda' airport counter manned by staff wearing panda-shaped hairpins and adorned with panda plush toys.
On their way to the airport gate, travellers can pop into a panda-themed lounge complete with panda-shaped cushion, or say hello to the airline's workers wearing full-body panda suits. The plane's cabin is decorated with pictures of the three pandas Sichuan Airline has adopted from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The highlight of the flight is no doubt the meal.
The bento box served by flight attendants wearing panda-inspired aprons is comprised of iconic dishes from Chengdu, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and even come with the image of a panda on its cover. Imagine steamed fish, fried pork and cabbage, scrambled eggs, sweet and sour dumplings as well as a portion of rice made to look like a panda's face. The impressive in-flight meal is topped off by a panda-inspired cupcake, biscuits or steamed buns. 'Panda Route' was launched last month and currently serves travellers between China's capital city Beijing and Sichuan's capital city Chengdu. Sichuan Airlines says it plans to launch its first international 'Panda Route' next year between Chengdu and Boston in the United States.
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