Woman unrecognisable after incredible transformation from emo to glamorous blonde.

Most of us will look back at old photos of ourselves as teenagers and wonder what earth we were thinking. A combination of questionable hairstyles, learning how to use make-up, and following whichever interesting fashion look our favourite celeb was wearing was never going to well. But even though we look very different, you can still (unfortunately) tell it's us. This isn't the case for 28-year-old Brookelle McKenzie.The make-up artist shared a 14-year-old photo with her 881,000 Instagram followers - and the difference is remarkable. In the old photo, she has black choppy hair, which she admits she used to cut herself, and a LOT of eyeliner.
But her latest photos show she's now a glamorous blonde with long curled hair, perfect make-up, and a lovely tan. She shared the photo after fans asked her to post a snap as part of the social media 10 Year Challenge. She wrote: "I know I'm so late on the train but you dolls asked for it, so here it is. This is actually a 14-year challenge. I was 14 years old on the left and I’m now 28."I feel like I'm revealing my true identity. Who remembers the MySpace Brookelle?
"Back when everyone had Tom in their top 8 and you could put cute falling hearts on your profile page."Fun people couldn't believe the change, and many quickly realized they used to be friends with her on MySpace but had no idea it was the same person. One wrote: "So crazy I had no idea that was you I've known u for mad long."ct; I used to cut my own hair (with a razor). What a time to have been alive."Another added: "Omg I didn’t know that was you! You've been iconic your whole life!"One fan commented: "One of the first influencers! Who would've known!"Another fan recognized the haircut, which was very popular at the time. She wrote: "Oh my god yes!!! So many of us had our hair cut like that lol."