Schoolgirl rescues mum from house blaze.

Simone Wheatley, 14, carried her 57-year-old mum Tracey out of their bungalow as there was no time to put her in her wheelchair when the fire took hold. Simone also saved their nine-month-old chihuahua Hugo, who had alerted her when he began barking at 9.30pm on Sunday.
Simone’s sister Natalie, 25, said: “She is a hero. To rescue a dog, a highly disabled mum and herself is a pretty big achievement but to do it at just 14 is amazing.

“It must have been so difficult to pick up our mum. It’s remarkable. It’s a bungalow so if she hadn’t acted as quickly as she did the only way out would have been blocked and it could have been devastating.“Our family could be without a sister and mother today.”The blaze spread through the living room and kitchen, and fire crews spent an hour getting it under control. It left the house in Spondon, Derbys, gutted. Natalie said: “They have no home or belongings. There was hardly anything to salvage. But we are just glad they are safe.”