Teacher 'fired by school' leaves farewell message for students.

It's a topic of debate that never seems to end how we should be raising the younger generation. Should we mother them throughout their childhood years, wrapping them in cotton wool and telling them they've done a great job even when they haven't?

 Or should we be honest with them about the way the world is, letting them know that they need to step up and work a little bit harder?This is the argument one teacher had with the faculty at her school and she claims it resulted in her being fired from her post.

Diane Tirado, 52, says she was sacked on September 14 from a high school in Port St Lucie, Florida for refusing to abide by the school’s unusual marking policy. According to the school's Student and Parent’s Handbook, no teacher is allowed to give a student a grade below 50 per cent - even if the work is incomplete or substandard. Mrs Tirado, who has been a teacher for 17 years, started working at the school in July. Recently she gave her Year Eight social studies class two weeks to complete a project, but at the end of the allocated time period a number of students didn't hand any work in.

This was when she discovered the bizarre rules about marking homework and decided to raise concerns about the policy. The teacher said: "If there’s nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50 per cent?"I’m arguing the fact that you don’t get something for nothing. I want the policy changed, and it’s not just here."Mrs Tirado asserts that she was then fired, but her letter of termination didn't give an official reason as to why because she was still in her probation period.

But she says she knows exactly why and in a parting message left on the board of her classroom, she made sure her students knew why as well. The message has since gone viral on Facebook with over 2,000 shares. It reads: "Bye kids, Mrs Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life!"I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in. [Love] Mrs Tirado."