15-year-old baker making $1,000 a MONTH.

A 15-year-old girl who only started her cake-making business nine months ago is already earning $1,000 a month. Kea Walsh is from the Gold Coast and launched her own business A Piece of Cake online. She is currently making only four cakes a week so she still has time to devote to school and a baking traineeship.' When I was younger I really liked the food, I really liked eating it and I like to take on challenges so I can learn more,' she told the Gold Coast Bulletin. 
The high school student started the business after being asked to create a birthday cake for a friend. Now she is taking orders from all across the Gold Coast. 'At first, it was just people we know, but then others started asking me to make things. They ask for birthday cakes, but I have done one wedding cake before,' she told the publication. Each cake is priced between $110 to $150 but she and her mother put a strict limit of four a week so she can keep up with schoolwork and her traineeship.