'Zoo from hell'.

Albanian police have rescued malnourished and diseased animals from the 'zoo from hell' after a government minister in the country saw a report on their plight. Shocking pictures were taken at the Safari Park Zoo in Fier, southwest Albania, showed a 'severely malnourished' lion living in cramped conditions with what appeared to be an untreated eye injury. Other animals, including a zebra, a thin-looking wolf and several deer, were seen locked up in desolate concrete cages in the privately-owned zoological park. Today, Albania's Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, announced he ordered the animals to be rescued after reading Albania's Top Channel reported. He said: 'In response to the news published and dozens of messages on the unacceptable situation where some animals live in a private zoo in Fier, I urgently ordered the launch of an action by the Environmental Inspectorate, which in cooperation with the Fier Police and the Animal Protection Association have decided to displace the animals in order to protect them.' The images were reportedly taken by an anonymous photographer, determined to expose the conditions at the zoo. They show lions and other animals languishing in desolate, dirty concrete cages surrounded by their own waste and without even the most basic provisions such as freshwater and shade. The photographer claimed vets who have visited the macabre facility described what they were greeted with as 'some of the worst animal welfare conditions they have ever seen'. They said: 'All the animals are kept in tiny, unhygienic concrete cages with no possibility to retreat from the elements or from the prying eyes of visitors to the zoo.