Little dog STRUTTING on its back legs while wearing a red dress and mittens.

Bizarre footage shows a pet dog strutting down a corridor on its hind legs while wearing a red dress. Three-year-old Popoy Bullet is a local star in his hometown of Olongapo in the Philippines. And as he sauntered through a school with his paws in the air during his latest outing, pupils squealed in amazement. The adorable pooch can be seen balancing on his back legs while trotting around in a lacy red halter-neck dress and white mittens pulled over his front paws. His master Virgilio, 40, often dresses him up in flamboyant outfits and takes him out to play. It has taken a long time for Popoy to learn how to walk like this and do all of his tricks,' he said.' He loves the attention. He is very pampered and everybody loves him a lot.'