Same gender couple trend on social media after wedding photos

wedding in Paris that got people talking on social media. Lovebirds Riccardo and James Burrell-Hinds took their wedding ceremony a little step further. The gay couple had decided to leave out the normal wedding attire for males in same-gender relationships. Instead of wearing a suit James Burrell-Hinds decided to walk down the aisle in an attire that got a lot of people talking. James walked down the aisle in a never before seen wedding attire. He wore an attire that passed as a wedding dress and a suit at the same time. One side of his wedding dress looked like a suit while the other looked a little like a wedding dress. It had the flowing white train and flowers decorated around the edges. The couple who are both bartenders based in Florida, took their wedding vows in Paris, France, on Tuesday, September 25. They were pictured in front of the Eiffel Tower, on a bridge across the Seine, and on the steps leading to the Petit Palais art museum.