Teen 16 ,Tells Dr. Phil She’s White And Hates Black People.

Dr. Phil, the “alleged” self-help guru opened his platform to Treasure, one of the most delusional guests he’s ever entertained that’s right!.Dr. Phil needed his A-game to help the truly sick 16-year-old who believes she’s 100 percent WHITE!.“Black Girl Magic” is a term used to uplift African-American Women, but 16-year-old Treasure apparently missed on her magic… She was a guest on The Dr. Phil Show, she appeared with her Mother.
She is clearly an African-American young lady, but claims to be a white girl. she goes as far as to demean what she says are African-American features and characteristics and compares her body to that of Kim Kardashian.Her parents definitely failed her. Making matters worse, the teen thinks her body is on par with Kim Kardashian. Nevertheless, Miss Treasure says she thinks and acts like white people, she looks like white people and that she is “completely and utterly better” than Black people.The teen often calls African-American people “hood rats, thuggish, and ghetto,” and even speaks derogatorily to their face. After trying to determine the reasons for the teen’s behavior, Dr. Phil introduces Spirit, a licensed therapist and life coach (from Atlanta), to weigh in.“We have issues around culture, we have issues around class, we have issues around racial identity, and we have issues around self-esteem,” Spirit says. “It’s not that she hates Black people; it’s that she hates herself, and she wants her old life back.”The 16-year-old African-American girl has shocked the world after she went on Dr. Phil’s show to say very racist things about black people while saying she identifies as a white person and “white is right”.Treasure, a black teen, claims that she is “completely and utterly better than” African-Americans. She says African’s are ugly and are all criminals.According to her, she knows she’s white because she can feel it in her veins.She added'I have naturally straight hair. My nose is not giant like African-Americans. My lips are perfect, they’re not too big and they’re not too small.My ears, I don’t have black people’s ears because they’re really giant.She continued'Most African Americans speak Ghetto.When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them.She added that black are mostly criminals and when she’s walking by the road and sees a black person, she crosses to the other side. She also said that black are mostly fat and she isn’t so she can’t be one of them.But she doesn’t agree with her mother or with Dr. Phil that she’s delusional. Treasure said:There’s nothing wrong with my views or beliefs, because I have freedom of speech, and everything I’m saying is true.Her mother is at her wit’s end which is why she brought her to Dr. Phil. She said her daughter has been racist towards her own race since she was a child. She also revealed that Treasure has the number of the Ku Klux Klan, KKK, on speed dial and constantly visits their website. She went on to say that her daughter never makes friends with blacks.Dr. Phil also revealed that when Treasure first came into the office and met one of his assistants who is black, she refused to shake hands with her.Treasure’s brother also called out his sister for her racist behavior which began since she was about 5.
People have been responding:
AA: Sadly, this little girl is going to get a rude awakening and it will probably come sooner than she would like. Have she not been paying attention to what’s been happening in America since Obama became president and it got 100x worse when 45 took over the office. Whites are no longer hiding their hatred for people of color or allowing it to spew out in subtle ways. They are blatant with it and don’t care who knows it and she will soon enough run into one of them that will not just tell her but show her just how black she is. I’m prayer that her eyes come open before it happens.
BB: Dear little black girl, if you stop think & listen, I suggest you study your African culture for real, because you need to know who your people are to accept yourself. You obviously have very very low self esteem. It’s no way in the eyes of society that you can pass for white, you are a dark skinned girl with an inferior complex and in need of help. You are simply trying so hard to convince yourself that you’re white but society sees a black girl. Please get some help and learn to love yourself. And no matter how much you internally hate yourself. You cannot make us hate who we are as a people. Stop being ignorant and educate yourself. You sound so stupid. I pray God have mercy on your soul.
CC: And also, lets understand what FREEDOM of SPEECH means: it means to be free to feel or think or say what you want WITHOUT being put to death by the Government (look what happen to the journalist in Saudia last week); HOWEVER, freedom of speech does NOT PROTECT anyone from being Criticized and think everyone has to like what you say.
DD:She should be examined and if she honestly believes the things she said, at the very least she should be placed on a watch list. That type of hatred can lead to extremes if acted upon. For now it seems like she’s putting on an act. Regardless, I’m not surprised someone has tried to pull this off. This is what happens when we tell people “you could be whatever you want to be” instead of “you are who you are”.
EE: She’ll be getting her little feelings hurt badly at some point in time and it’ll only be her own fault. You just don’t say evil things to people and think they aren’t supposed to respond. I think she’s literally sick mentally outside of disliking herself and hurting from something that has happened to her as a younger child. I’m not sure if their father is around but that maybe part of it to where she blames her mom too. She’s playing around with bombs that will soon explode in her face.
FF: She needs to watch the movie, Imitation of life, with Lana Turner & Juanita Moore.Such a sad movie.
GG: Sadly, this young lady has a problem that is beyond racial identity, self-esteem, etc. She is totally delusional, in denial, and so out of touch with reality. Something in her brain is malfunctioning. I hope that she gets the help that she needs and is able to break that stronghold.