Toddler shreds more than €900 Parents had saved up.

A toddler in the United States has gone viral after he shredded $1,060 (around €920) that his parents had saved up to repay a debt. Ben and Jackie Belnap, from Holladay, Utah, had been putting the money aside to pay back Ben's parents for season passes to the local football team.
They recently took out the money to go pay for the season tickets and left it in an envelope in the house. However, when they went to grab the money again, it was gone. The couple began searching throughout the house, but the money appeared to be gone until Jackie looked into their shredder, where she found the $1,060 torn up. They immediately knew that their 2-year-old son, Leo, was the culprit. Jackie explained that the toddler helps her shred junk mail and the pair suspects the little boy thought he was helping. She added: "We just, for like five minutes, we just shuffled through it, not talking."We didn't know what to do and then I broke the silence and I'm like, 'Well, this will make a great wedding story one day.' 
And while the couple had initially been resigned to just accepting that sometimes children help in some more...creative ways, it turns out that there may be some good news: the money may not be gone after all. Jackie and Ben can submit the money to the US Department of Treasury Mutilated Currency Division for exchange - although, it may take two years to go through. Ben recalled: “I called the guy the next morning and he said, ‘Oh, we might be able to help you here,’ and I was shocked.“He said, ‘Bag it up in little Ziploc bags, mail it to D.C., and in one to two years, you’ll get your money back.’”
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