The total cost of Harry and Meghan's wedding has been revealed £32 MILLION... casual!

Listen, none of us is under the illusion that weddings come cheap, especially if you're royalty. We knew that Harry and Meghan's wedding would be pricey...
but we obviously didn't realise how pricey. The official cost of the royal wedding, which took place in May of this year, has been released. And, it was more expensive than Kate and William's big day. Harry and Meghan's wedding is believed to have cost £32 MILLION... casual!The wedding is said to have cost £8 million more than Kate and William's wedding, mainly due to increased security. Security was heightened at this year's royal wedding, as a result of the increased level of threats from terrorist organisations. Meghan's dress was also one of the most expensive elements of the day, costing £390,000, compared to £250,000 for Kate Middleton's wedding gown. Here is a breakdown of just some of the costs for Harry and Meghan's wedding: PA system: £232,810 
Flags and banners: £14,081
Payment to council: £1,084,512
Staff travel: £3,875
Accreditation passes: £2,907
Meghan’s dress: £390,000

And that's just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the size of the wedding reception. The couple invited 600 people to the wedding ceremony in Windsor and invited an extra 200 people to the reception after. That's a lot of mouths to feed, and you can be bloody sure it was all good quality. A further 2,640 people were invited to enjoy proceedings within the grounds of Windsor Castle. Ah sure, wasn't it all worth it?