White glamour model who 'identifies as black' after having tanning injections marries in Hawaii

A glamour model who hit the spotlight after dramatically changing her skin colour through tanning injections has married in Hawaii. Martina Big, 30, from Germany, is famous for her body modifications including 32S breast implants that she had boosted even further in time for her wedding. Martina married her fiance, named only as Michael, 31, on an idyllic beach on 'Big Island', as the main island in the US state of Hawaii is known. The model, who also had extra lip fillers before her big day, has splurged more than £50,000 on plastic surgery and claims to have the biggest breasts in Europe. She's also had radical tanning injections, a nose job, liposuction, and had lip fillers all to achieve her goal of becoming an 'African woman'. Speaking about how she prepared for her wedding, she said: 'I let my doctor enlarge my breasts and my lips. Now I have 7800cc per breast. And my lips got a whole syringe of lip fillers.' Her breasts now weigh an astonishing 7.5 kilogrammes (16.5 lbs) each, but the model said she did not mind a little extra discomfort to feel more attractive for her big day. For their big day, the couple took a 26-hour flight from Germany to Hawaii, which followed stag and hen parties held in a field near the city of Bremen in north-western Germany. However, the wedding itself was a more low key affair, involving just the happy couple and their wedding planner who they named only as Stefan.
Martina says one of the big challenges she faced was finding a wedding dress to fit her unique body, at first trying on a yellow maxi dress and then a more traditional white gown. Next, she opted for a fuchsia pink frock embellished with sequins which she matched with dramatic drop earrings and a necklace along with killer heels. However, in the end, she settled on a custom-made strapless white dress with pink mesh panelling which barely contained her very ample assets. 
And she faced another nightmare when her make-up artist cancelled at the last minute, however, managed to pull together her look at the last minute. Adorning her curly wig with a flower floral hair wreath to match her bouquet and necklace on the day, Martina married Michael on a picturesque on the 'Big Island'.Matching his bride, Michael opted for a white suit with a lime green bow tie as the pair exchanged vows before he held up their marriage certificate proudly.
And Martina was reportedly very happy with her wedding pictures and now plans to press on with her ambition of holding the official Guinness World Record for the largest breasts. The model, who divides her time between Los Angeles and the Eifel region of western Germany, said her transformation into a black woman was an 'internal one'. The model, whose official name is now Malaika Kubwa, 'big angel' in Swahili, is a former blonde air hostess who decided to try to become a 'true African woman' by undergoing tanning injections. As well as her breast implants, said to be the largest of any European model, she has had her legs, hips, and waist narrowed, her nose reshaped, her lips enlarged and her front teeth covered with porcelain veneers. In July Martina appeared on the Botched season finale in the hopes to having bum implants and a more 'African nose', revealing of her look: 'I'm really proud that it works for me so well. So, I decided to support my body to going really African girl. I bought a wig. Black curls'.