Burning love!

Great gowns of fire! Adrenaline junkies April Choi and Bethany Byrnes decided to pull a very daring stunt at their wedding, by torching their gowns while still wearing them

Two adrenaline junkie brides stunned their wedding guests when they set their dresses on fire after walking down the aisle - and then proceeded to pose for pictures while wearing the burning gowns. April Choi, 32, and Bethany Byrnes, 28, from Iowa, to do something dramatic to celebrate and solidify their union, so they enlisted guests from each of their respective wedding parties to torch the trains of their gowns just moments after they exchanged vows. Dramatic footage shows flames engulfing the dresses, which were specially altered to make the trains detachable, allowing the women to cast them off at a moment's notice if the fire became too hot to handle. 
The couple who are both variety entertainers and boast fire-eating and breathing among their talents pulled off the stunt during their wedding on October 13. They organized the day in reverse, starting off with their reception in the afternoon before saying their vows at sundown, at Camp Tanager in Mt. Vernon, where the astonishing stunt took place. When darkness fell, the brides - who wore different gowns to say their vows went outside and held hands as their stunt dresses were doused with fuel. They went up in flames seconds later, after two guests set them alight with torches upon on the cue: 'You may now light the brides.' April, of Peoria, Illinois, said: 'A person from my wedding party lit my dress and one from Bethany's wedding party lit hers.' We tried to get them to match evenly but mine ran up first and Bethany's took a while but it slowly burnt up the skirt.