Deep-fried Mars bar calzone sends foodies into frenzy at pizza takeaway....

Foodies have been sent into a frenzy over a deep-fried Mars bar calzone that's being offered up at a pizza takeaway. Dubbed the Margherita, the 2,000 calorie dessert is stuffed with two Mars bars and cooked in batter, putting a “Glaswegian twist” on the Italian favourite. Once it's out of the fryer it is topped with grated almonds and served alongside caramel sauce and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Fraser Walker, general manager of Roman's Pizzeria in Glasgow, joked: “It’s definitely not a dessert for someone who is on a diet."
His shop has come up with one of the world's most unusual pizzas after a simple conversation with the head chef. Fraser, 36, said: “The shop has been open for about five-and-a-half months and we wanted to bring out something different.“We are known for our Roman-style pizza and after speaking to the chef about different ideas, we came up with the Mars bar calzone. We’ve seen restaurants adding Nutella in a calzone so we just thought the deep-fried Mars bar is a Scottish thing. So why not put it in a calzone? He added: “I would say people should share it because it’s very sweet unless you have a sweet tooth or are really hungry.”Priced at £4.50, the calzone has been a hit with punters, with one even asking a relative to send a Margherita to over to Germany. Head chef Dawid Radzinski said: “I’ve been a chef for 20 years and what we’ve done is completely original.“When I first made it, we all tried it together and we all loved it.“The dessert has been here since Monday and people think it’s really tasty. I think this was a great idea."The takeaway is inspired by the notorious deep-fried Mars treat invented in 1992 at a Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, chippy Haven Chip Bar (now called The Carron).
12-inch pizza dough - 120 calories
Two deep-fried Mars bars - 1,200 calories
Caramel sauce (100g) - 300 calories
One tablespoon (12.6g) of sugar - 48 calories
A handful of almonds - 162 calories
One scoop of chocolate ice cream - 143 calories
Total - 1,973 calorie