Krispy Kreme is closing its 24-hour drive-thru after traffic complaints.

KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS will close its 24-hour drive-through in Blanchardstown following reports of heavy traffic and excessive noise by local residents. The American outlet, which opened last Wednesday, says that the response to the store’s opening was “beyond initial expectations” and that from tonight, its 24/hour service will close. Residents living in an apartment block near Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, where Krispy Kreme is located, had previously reported long queues of drivers waiting for doughnuts.
One local resident said that it has been a “nightmare” to sleep because of the constant queues of cars and drivers who frequently blow their horns.The company says that its store will now open from 6am to 11.30pm.Speaking today, Richard Cheshire, CEO of Krispy Kreme UK & Ireland, said that the company “anticipated a warm welcome for Krispy Kreme in Ireland and have long wanted to open a store here, but the response has been way ahead of our most optimistic expectations.”
“For the customers coming into our store in Blanchardstown, the smiles and joy have been great to see. For the most part too, our drive-thru has been a success.”“But we know that the late-night noise has been upset for our neighbours. Some customers have been beeping their horns and disturbing families in nearby apartment complexes.”
In addition to closing its 24/hour service, Krispy Kreme says that it is examining traffic management options and is working with Fingal County Council and the GardaĆ­ “to find a long-term solution that works for everyone.”