Taiwanese actress amazes the internet with her age-defying appearance.

The Taiwanese actress has amazed her fans with her seemingly agelss looks
Staying youthful is every woman's dream, but this mother-of-three from Taiwan seems to have achieved it effortlessly.
Alyssa Chia (贾静雯), who became an actress in 1990, has stunned millions of people in the Far East for her glowing skin and wrinkle-free face. Ms Chia's fans have flocked to her social media account to express their admiration for her age-defying looks after the star celebrated her birthday this month.
Ms Chia poses with her second eldest daughter in a picture on her Weibo accountThe star celebrated her 44th birthday earlier this month with her husband, 35, and her three children
The Taipei-born celebrity, who is renowned in East and South-east Asia, turned 44 on October 7. To celebrate the occasion with her fans, she shared a picture of her and her family at her birthday party to her 22 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. In the picture, Ms Chia is trying to blow out a birthday candle. She is surrounded by her family: her 35-year-old husband, who is an actor, and her three daughters aged 13, three and one.
Alyssa Chia (pictured in 2015) said she didn't drink alcohol, eat late-night snacks or stay up lateMs Chia (pictured in 2016) said keeping a regular lifestyle is important
In the social media post, Ms Chia said 'birthday is a day that all women love and hate', but her eldest daughter cleverly referred to her age as 'twice 22' rather than 44. Internet users are amazed by how well Ms Chia looks in the picture. One fan commented on Weibo: 'She's not twice 22. She's twice 18.' Another one said Ms Chia 'still looks so young' and could be mistaken for a 22-year-old. In a previous interview with Taiwan's TV programme 'Queen', Ms Chia revealed her 'golden rules' of staying youthful.
Ms Chia holds her youngest daughter at the press conference of reality show 'Super Mom 3' in March this year in BeijingThe star (pictured in 2016) tapped into the entertainment industry in 1990Ms Chia (pictured in 2017) is a popular actress, presenter and singer around the Mandarin-speaking regions