Toddler tries to steal mum's glass of wine and gets himself messy.

As a parent, sometimes at the end of the day, there's nothing better than pouring yourself a large glass of wine. You've had a long day, you've earned it. But it's important to remember to always wait until your little one is securely tucked up in bed before cracking open a bottle, as one mum recently learned. Leeds-based mum Giselle Green was enjoying a big glass of red while her toddler Sammy played in the living room, but when he spotted the glass, things took a turn.
he mum filmed the cute little tot as he smiled and walked towards where she is sat. But the eagle-eyed youngster soon looks away from his mother and spots her glass of wine on the arm of the chair. Naturally, he becomes intrigued by its contents and distracted with the camera on the phone, Giselle doesn't react quick enough when Sammy reaches up to steal the glass. It's fair to say things don't go well from this point. The toddler pulls the glass towards himself, quickly covering himself from head to toe in the dark-coloured red wine. His mum gasps when she realises what has happened and what comes next is brilliant.
She simply says: "Oh s***."I'm sure all those who have spent any time around a young child will be able to relate to that statement. Giselle posted the video on Twitter with the caption: "Some days I question my parental skills. other days. The tweet has since gone viral with over 23,000 retweets and more than 77,000 likes. And in case anyone was worried about the little one after the incident, Giselle later shared a follow-up video showing her son, changed into a fresh outfit and playing happily once more. She wrote: "Don't worry. No Sammy was hurt in the making of this video #RedWineSammy."She also joked: "Thankfully I wanted a new carpet anyway".