Kentucky Dad Apologizes for Wearing Nazi Halloween Costume, Dressing 5-Year-Old as Hitler.

A father in Kentucky has apologized for wearing a Nazi uniform and dressing his five-year-old son as Hitler for their father-son Halloween costume, saying he did not mean to offend anyone and was not looking to make any sort of political statement. Last week, Bryant Goldbach uploaded a photo onto his Facebook of him and his son in costume as they participated in the Trail of Treats, an event where kids and their parents can walk around and receive candy in Downtown Owensboro. However, Goldbach’s costume was quickly met with waves of criticism from people who were offended and upset by the casual portrayal of Hitler and the Nazis. Initially, Goldbach tried to defend his choice, saying that “anyone who knows us knows that we love our history, and often dress the part of historical figures.” Goldbach wrote in a now-deleted post, “Tonight as we walked we saw people dressed as murderers, devils, serial killers, blood and gore of all sorts. Nobody batted an eye. But my little boy and I dress as historical figures, and it merits people not only making snide remarks but approaching us and threatening my little 5-year-old boy. That’s right. Tonight grown adults threatened a child over his costume.”He concluded, “Yes, liberalism is alive and well. And we had the displeasure of dealing with the fruits of the so-called ‘Tolerant Left.’ He also argued that kids are dressed up as monsters and “murderers” all the time and their parents do not face criticism while complaining that he had received death threats for dressing his child up as Hitler. However, he eventually deleted his Facebook and apologized for the costume, claiming he wasn’t trying to make a political statement and that he finds white supremacy “disgusting.”“I think it was in bad taste for me to let my child wear that, probably for me to wear that. It didn’t occur to me. I thought it was a bad decision on my part.” Goldbach said that he “wasn’t trying to make a statement or put my son in any position … It was bad judgment. I want people to know I am sorry.”Adding, “My brother is half-Iranian … I have black friends. My last name is Jewish.”“I wasn’t trying to make a statement or put my son in any position,” Goldbach said.”However, not everyone is buying his apology, with some noting that last year he had dressed as a Confederate soldier and that before deleting his Facebook, his page was filled with posts that included statements like “White pride doesn’t mean hate.”also provided screenshots from his wife MaryAnne where she appears to be making anti-Semitic comments and defending Hitler, referring to Concentration Camps as “work camps, not death camps.”