Pregnancy is Miserable No Matter What You Are!

This picture is being reposted by women all over the world. Her expression says it all when she’s showing how most pregnant people everywhere feel at some point. The fact that she’s hairless also helps make the image funnier because we imagine the stretchy skin and misery as parts of pregnancy. I wonder if people tell her she’s glowing all of the time. Everyone knows that pregnancy is a wonderful gift that brings women an even more wonderful gift. Doesn’t make it easy though. Regardless of how excited a mother is for their new bundle of joy, it doesn’t change the fact that some days are just long and miserable with no end in sight. Human is pregnant for around 9 months. Between doctor’s visits, calendars, and modern medicine, there is a lot that can be done to ease the discomfort and pain that can be the day today. However, if you are wild, leaving in our wonderful animal kingdom, it may be a lot longer than you are carrying your youngster, with little way to ease your pain.
All animals can be different, and for some, pregnancy is short and over quickly. It doesn’t matter the details on length and time. Females of all species can come together and understand that pregnancy can be hard even if it is totally worth the wait.
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This is Georgia, the cutest preggers goat we’ve ever seen. She is obviously not in the mood for a photoshoot and is ready to get these youngsters out of her. Though we don’t know how many are in there, we can be sure that Georgia will be an excellent Goat Mommy and we hope that they are as cute as she is.
In Indonesia, you can run across this Toque Macaque. These interesting looking monkeys are easy to distinguish because they are all rocking the same haircut. This pregnant one though looks like she could use a break; she’s ready to meet her babies. 
It isn’t like monk seals are thin to begin with, so many may be mistaken as pregnant when they are really just a little chubby. This one, however, is really pregnant and thinking that this is a good spot to nap on the beach. She is relaxing and preparing her birth.
This pregnant doggie is wearing the usually grumpy bulldog face with a little-added pregnancy attitude. It looks like the sweetie, Georgia, is ready to have her litter of puppies. On average, dogs have about 11 puppies each time they give birth. Growing 6 puppies over their average of 62 days gestation has to be a lot of work.
Ferrets look absolutely adorable pregnant, but I’m not sure how they move around. They are one animal that looks like they must be miserable the entire time. And, there’s no telling how many are growing inside those thin bodies. Ferrets average 6-8 babies at a time, but they can have up to 18.
I think that it’s actually hard for guinea pigs to look miserable, but this one is going well. Whereas guinea pigs usually only have 2 in their litter, this one was about to deliver 5. Once again, a 60-70 day gestation period doesn’t seem like a lot when thinking about growing 5 new lives.
This grey seal looks like she’s hoping her 11 ½ month pregnancy will end soon. With all seals, they aren’t exactly small creatures, to begin with, but their pregnancies can make them look huge and misshapen. Her pleading eyes appear to be asking for this nightmare to be over.
This zebra appears to be grinning which we know is probably not the case. Zebra’s year-long pregnancies can be particularly harsh and dangerous on both mother and baby. However, as opposed to lots of other animals, pregnancy usually only result in one.
Judging from this picture, giraffes have to get a little creative to figure out how to manage their pregnancy. This picture shows a very pregnant giraffe trying to drink way she’s squatting down shows she has a lot more coordination than it would appear. She will most likely only have one baby after the 13-15 months that she’ll be pregnant. 
This pony looks mad at the world. I think anyone would be if their pregnancy lasted 340 days. Since ponies already are known for having attitude problems on their own, pregnancy means that they should probably be avoided altogether.
Even though this pigs bow is beautiful, she really looks like she’s fallen and she can’t get up. Pigs eat and eat constantly when they're pregnant, which makes sense since they can have between 10 and 23 little piglets at one time. The best part of all is that pigs are already kinda fat, so their pregnancy may go unnoticed until a couple weeks before they deliver.
So, frogs aren’t really the same as the rest of the list in terms of having babies. However, this tiny frog can carry between 200 to 200,000 of those eggs a year. Regardless of the delivery process, that can’t be an easy thing to do.
A hippo isn’t exactly a small creature to begin with. When she’s pregnant, she can become super mean and even worse after she has her baby. Her need to protect her young can be fierce. She usually only has one baby at a time, but even so, that one can be over 10 times the size of a human baby. 
Seahorses are opposite from everything else when discussing reproduction. It is the male seahorse that carries up to 1,500 seahorse babies at once, and not the female. This makes them the only animal in the animal kingdom to do it this way.
There is no doubting that a pregnant squirrel is adorable. After just 45 days of pregnancy, a squirrel will give birth to 2 or 3 babies, or up to 7. It is hard to imagine an animal that small can create so much life.
Kiki the Gorilla is probably the most famous gorilla that we know, and definitely the most famous one that we have seen pregnant. Here she is looking very motherly, showing her belly, and rubbing it with maternal instincts. Gorilla babies are only born 3-4 pounds and usually, gorilla mommies only have one at a time. They will have 3-4 over their lifetime though. 
The look on her face tells us that she is not enjoying this moment. Since a donkey can be pregnant from 10-14 months, there is absolutely now wondering why she’s miserable. 
Bunnies are kinda known for making baby bunnies. Their whole time pregnant is only 31 days, which means that they can reproduce often throughout the year. It isn’t a myth though, bunnies really are good mommies and do a lot to take care of their babies when they are born. 
This fat cat looks exhausted. Since cats are always our household nappers, it is no surprise that a pregnant cat might sleep a lot more. At the end of their pregnancy, they can have up to 5 little kittens to take care of, which they usually try to keep away from anyone at the beginning. 
She looks happy, relaxed, and comfortable with herself. This orangutan will deliver her baby and take care of it well. They nurse their young for close to 5 years, which is slightly easier since they only have one at a time.
She does not look happy with this picture and she looks like she is ready for a nap. Chocolate labs can have up to 10 puppies in one litter making for a lot of work for mom. They stay pregnant around 63 days and will breed a few times throughout their life.
So a calf weighs about 1,600 pounds. With that being said, this momma must be miserable. The only plus side she’s got going is that there is usually only one in there, but there can be two. They are pregnant for close to a year and very ready to be done by the end.
I don’t think that this bulldog has a care in the world. She really doesn’t care about this photo being taken. Bulldogs, like the previous chocolate lab, stay pregnant about 63 days and can have up to 10 puppies. It is easy to see why resting her belly on the floor seems like the best option.
When her pregnant body wanted cereal, she got cereal. This picture is an example of hedgehogs being purely adorable. They are pregnant about 35 days and only do this once or twice during their lives. Hedgehogs are absolutely great to watch at any time, but pregnant ones must be amazing.
We all know that turtles don’t deliver live babies, but depending on the type of turtle, they can carry the eggs up to two years. That is a really long time to be uncomfortable. Nature tells them exactly what to do with the eggs and these turtle mommies are consistent in bringing their babies to life.