This Squirrel-Hiding Toy Is A Favorite Of Thousands Of Dogs.

This hide-a-squirrel dog toy might be the best investment you ever make for your furry, slobbery BFF. The plush toy features a log with three to six squeaky squirrels so you can stuff 'em all inside and leave your dog to sniff out and "hunt" the squirrels. It's a great way to challenge their problem-solving skills and help stave off boredom, plus you can, of course, use the squirrels on their own to play fetch with your dog. And it's just so stinkin' cute!!!...but there is a chance this toy could be the one to change your pup's destructive ways once and for all! And if squirrels aren't your dog's thing (in which case you should probably double-check that they're an actual dog), the toy also comes in hedgehog, bee, and bird varieties! Seriously, pups LOVE this thing! It has 8,500 positive reviews.