Woman hilariously hand models her cousin's engagement ring in viral proposal photo.

Good friends will always be there and will drop everything to be by your side even in the most crucial situations. One Australian best friend duo found themselves in such a situation when one of them was suddenly proposed to. The proposal, magical as it was, was cast into jeopardy when the new fiancĂ© realised her hands were not up to being photographed for the big social media reveal. Thankfully, her friend was there to lend a hand quite literally in this case. A real friend is one who will drop everything to hand model your engagement ring when a surprise proposal catches you without a proper manicure. That's the situation one Australian woman found herself in when she witnessed her cousin's boyfriend propose and had to think fast so they could still get the perfect post-proposal shot. At first glance, the moment looks like any other engagement photo: a happy couple surrounded by balloons and flowers and, of course, a hand showing off the ring. Normal, right?. But what the original photo doesn't show is the new bride-to-be's cousin elaborately contorting herself into position so she can hand model the ring instead. Others thought that everyone involved should have planned ahead better to avoid the whole situation, to begin with. The image inevitably went viral on Twitter, with many applauding the poster, assumed to be the bride-to-be’s cousin, for her ingenuity. To many, it is a shining example of true friendship. her boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao.