Adults share Elf On The Shelf photos that show the mischievous toy getting up to no good.

Parents from around the world shared hilarious photos of their Elf On The Shelf behaving mischievously on Bored Panda. One elf teamed up with Chucky to grate a toy snowman
Millions of parents have embraced the trend for using a watchful Elf On The Shelf toy to keep their children from misbehaving over the festive period. However, as this gallery of photos shared on Bored Panda reveals, sometimes the elves can be more mischievous than the children they're supposed to be watching. Contributors from around the world have shared snaps of their elves using either the real deal or budget alternatives seemingly trapped in mortal danger; including being frozen in ice and being suspended over the fire. In one instance, an elf appeared to be trying to escape the family home using gift bows to climb the door. Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the best examples of the festive sprite getting up to no good.