Man trolls his mum each year with his personalised Christmas card after she asked him to ‘sober up’.

Sending your own personalized Christmas cards is a nice idea, but sometimes it can be tricky to come up with something original.
But comedian John Cessna has done just that, and each year sends out a solo card showing him drunk and up to no good. As the years have gone on, the cards have become increasingly absurd with Cessna shown caught up in alien abduction or about to be sacrificed by a group of Santa worshipers. Cessna started making the cards back in 2008 when he away from his family during the holidays and his mum told him to “sober up” and send out his own Christmas cards. So Cessna took on her advice minus the “sobering up” part. It’s probably safe to say that the cards were not what Cessna’s mum had in mind. The comedian has kept up the tradition for the last ten years, and now has a group of followers who look forward to seeing the new design each Christmas. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year. see the gallery to see Cessna's wonderful creations.

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