United States' oldest World War II veteran dies aged 112.

The oldest veteran in the United States, Richard Overton, has died his family have said. Having celebrated his 112th birthday in May, the World War II soldier from Austin, Texas died on Thursday, just days after being released from the hospital after a battle with pneumonia. The son of a liberated slave in the deep South, Overton married twice but never had any children. He divorced his first wife in the 1920s and his second wife died in the 1980s. Overton credited his long life to whiskey and cigars.“I have been smoking cigars from when I was 18 years old,” He said in a previous interview. “I’m still smoking ‘em. 12 a day."On Veterans Day in 2013, President Obama honoured Overton in Washington, remarking: “His service on the battlefield was not always matched by the respect he deserved at home.“But this veteran held his head high”.Three years later, Overton was required to have 24 hours a day medical care, but fearing a move to a nursing home would “kill him”, his family set up a GoFundMepage raising over $450,000 to allow him to be treated at home. He died in a nearby rehabilitation facility on December 27.