Creme Egg themed apartment where all chocoholics will want to stay.

If you're always stocking up on Cadbury 's Creme Eggs when Easter comes around, then we may have found the ultimate apartment for you. That's because the chocolate company has teamed up with to create an entire property themed around the tasty treats - and of course, it's filled with the chocolate eggs themselves. Decorated in red, purple and yellow shades - a tribute to the eggs' iconic wrappers - everything about this apartment is a chocoholic's dream. For a start, there's everything you need for a comfortable stay; a huge double bed, a large bathtub, a kitchen with a fully stocked fridge. Oh, and egg-shaped chairs and dining nooks of course. But then there's the chocolate. Thousands of creme eggs line the walls, fill the sinks, fill the drawers in the bedroom, and even make up the check-in desk.

And somewhere inside, Cadbury's has hidden one of its elusive White Cadbury Creme Eggs, as part of its nationwide egg hunt. Find it, and you could win a prize of up to £10,000. Of course, it could be anywhere from the decorations to the fridge.

If you fancy a stay, you'll need to do a little detective work as Cadbury's has hidden the creme egg listing somewhere on, with prices at £9.99 for the night. There's one night going and stays are on a first come, first served basis. Want a clue to get you started? The listing is in a central London location.

Of course, if you don't bag a stay in the apartment, you can still take place in the nationwide White Egg hunt, running until the 21st of April 2019. There are thousands of white and milk chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs to be found across the UK & Ireland, in addition to those hiding in stores. Clues for where to look and who else is involved can be found at