Four people are reported to have died from swine flu in Ireland.

Up to four people are reported to have died from swine flu in Ireland this season
The HSE has urged those most at risk to get the vaccine. Doctor Kevin Kelleher, the head of health protection at the HSE, has stated that between two and four people have died from the H1N1 virus, better known as Swine Flu, this season.
Kelleher has said that the HSE is concerned that the flu season hasn't even fully begun yet: "I can see in the data I have available that it is beginning to rise, that it almost certainly will go above a threshold that we have got that says it is flu season."The flu seasons last anywhere from 12 weeks up to 18 weeks. Last year it was 17 weeks, which was really very long."Those most at risk of contracting from the virus include people aged 65 and over, pregnant women and those with chronic illnesses. The HSE has already released an official Under The Weather website, with Kelleher adding that while most people will recover from flu symptoms by themselves, anyone concerned about their condition should telephone their GP or an out of hours medical service: "People with symptoms should stay at home and children should not attend school if showing signs of flu."