Police in Kentucky are mourning a burnt Krispy Kreme Truck.

Police officers in America are in tears after they found a Krispy Kreme truck that had caught fire, levelling its yummy contents to ashy remains. In a funny post on Twitter and Facebook, Lexington Police in Kentucky was so upset by their unhappy discovery, they had to take a moment.‘No words,’ they tweeted, followed by a crying face emoji.

Lexington Police@lexkypolice
No words. 

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Poor, poor doughnuts. Krispy Kreme felt their pain
and sent their condolences to the police.

Krispy Kreme
We’re thinking of you during this difficult time...

and have more doughnuts on the way! 

Lexington Police@lexkypolice
No words. 

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As did police in the UK

UK Police@UKPolice
Replying to @lexkypolice

We feel your loss. 
We doughnut know what else to say. 

NHS Scotland Nurse@nhs_scot_nurse
Replying to @lexkypolice
If any Scottish officers are affected by 

this atrocity then I am here to help!@policescotland
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Oxford Police Dept
Replying to @lexkypolice
948 61

Replying to @lexkypolice
Hang tight, we are sending backup forthwith, 

and these guys came prepared. We hope you like sprinkles.
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Southport Police
Replying to @lexkypolice
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Chicago PD 14th Dist
Replying to @lexkypolice

Condolences from Chicago 

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Nobody knows what caused the accident but the police said

there were no injuries. Aside from the sad doughnuts. 
People online are in mourning, too.
NYPD 9th Precinct
Replying to @lexkypolice
So tragic, we feel your pain.

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Pittsburg Police, CA@PittsburgPD
Replying to @lexkypolice
All the feels 

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Lake Dallas Police
Replying to @lexkypolice
Officer Morton@OfficerMorton
Replying to @lexkypoliceIn this line of work, some things can't be unseen. .

My thoughts are with @lexkypolice officers in this time of tragedy.

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Silver The Fox@Silver_The_Foxy
Replying to @lexkypolice
Why did it have to be the doughnuts?