Royal TRANSFORMATION: 2018 the year Royal Family changed FOREVER.

Meghan, Harry, William and Kate have set a new standard for the royal family this year
The Royal Family has remained largely unchanged for centuries, but 2018 will go down as the year they changed forever with the youngest generation setting a new standard for future generations to follow. Meghan, Kate, Harry and William travelled thousands of miles and met hundreds of people in 2018 but nearly everywhere the younger royals went they shocked admirers who had gathered to greet them.
This year saw a remarkable rise in the four most popular royals breaking the sacred institution of royal protocol. Unsurprisingly, rebellious royal Harry and new wife Meghan were the biggest culprits but their more down to earth behaviour is likely to shape the way royals behave in public for generations to come. Second, in line to the throne, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton did not escape controversy either but sweet displays of affection gendered the public to them even more. It all started back in April when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at an Easter church service after the Queen. Strict protocol dictates that royals always arrive at events in order of rank with the Queen coming last so she doesn’t have to wait. However, motorway roadworks on the M4 forced the couple to arrive at St George’s Chapel in Windsor later than expected. Kate and William broke royal protocol at St George’s Chapel again just two weeks later when they attended the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. They were pictured holding hands while waiting for the couple to arrive but protocol states they should avoid showing signs of affection while in public. However, people watching the ceremony took to social media to say how thrilled they were to see the loved-up couple in the romantic embrace. Hugging became hugely popular among the younger royals this year with Harry and Meghan pictured embracing the public everywhere they went despite embracing being frowned upon in the unwritten rules. Royal historian Kate Williams said that the royal rules most likely date back to the Middle Ages when royalty was believed to be divinely appointed by God and so should be treated as such. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hugged nearly everybody they met on their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand while promoting the Invictus Games. One Union Jack flag-waving fan was left in tears when Prince Harry leaned in for a hug in Melbourne while Meghan had to put on a brave face while getting hugged from a drenched surfer on Bondi Beach in Sydney. Even celebrities were getting in on the royal hugging. Elton John got a warm embrace from Prince Harry at the International AIDS conference in July after Mo Farah also got a hug from the sixth-in-line to the throne at the London Marathon. The sudden change in royal behaviour is largely down to the Meghan Markle effect as the American royal brings a breath of modern air into her new family. She reportedly gave a toast at her own wedding, which is highly unusual even in normal families, because of the absence of her father who would traditionally have raised a glass to the newlyweds. She also asked Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle which was another unusual move for the royal family. And In New Zealand, she was pictured touching her husband’s leg, another public display of affection which is rarely seen.