Kiwi man, Dutch woman live nomadic life & depend on urine to wash their hair.

The couple explained to Ben that they are living in an open relationship and currently have no plans to settle down
A Kiwi man and a Dutch woman, who are in an ‘open relationship’, have gone viral on the internet for their bizarre lifestyle that is devoid of worldly possessions. Miriam, 34, met Peter, 64 while traveling and the two are now living a nomadic life with no permanent address. The couple, who come from affluent and high-achieving backgrounds, shared their story on Tuesday night’s episode of Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5. Miriam said she was an accomplished athlete but decided to choose traveling over sports when she met Peter when in India. Peter, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. in Ecology and worked as a lecturer before deciding to live his life on the road.“I was sitting in a staff meeting looking out of the window thing they might be paying me $50 an hour to sit here but my life is out there,” Peter said during the show.“'One of the most liberating things I ever did in my life is leaving my house, put the keys in the letterbox for the estate agent, and then head to the airport with one bag. From that point on I became a refugee from modern life,” he added.
Both Miriam and Peter have now become seasoned hunters. While Peter is responsible for cooking, Miriam catches the animals. The couple travel to exotic locations in with just their rucksack of belongings. However, they make occasional trips to the supermarket to get the necessary supplies. But when it comes to hygiene and cleaning, Miriam uses the water from the streams and her shampoo is usually urine. The two are currently funding their lifestyle with their £40,000 savings, spending around £3000 a year.“People often ask what would happen if you ran out of money. Well we'd go get a job, simple,” said Peter.
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