Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Tattoo Of Their Cat 'Pinky' On His Bum!

Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Tattoo Of Their Cat 'Pinky' On His Bum
In the age of social media, keeping up with the Joneses has never been tougher. We're all competing with each other to have better, funnier, more beautiful lives. But instead of wasting your time trying to match their Champagne sipping, kitchen extensions and long weekends in St Tropez, you might be better off thinking outside the box. Rather than trying to get even, it's time to get creative. Just like this guy, who managed to blow all those extravagant marriage proposals at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris out of the water by popping the question to his girlfriend a little more, erm, uniquely: by getting a tattoo of their cat on his arse. Dustin Marshall said his girlfriend, Lindsey, had been dropping hints about him proposing, so he decided to do it in a way that she definitely wouldn't be expecting.
This must have been painful...
Dustin: "My girlfriend was hinting at me for ages to propose and I kept saying that I would do it in my own time. Threw her off the scent if you will. But all the while I was planning this for Christmas."The cat is a picture of our cat Pinky, who we rescued. She's so weird but we love her. Hence the play on words."That's right... 'Will you marry meow?'.Dustin explained the elaborate proposal also involved a game of pool at his mate's, which would be a sure-fire way of getting his backside out for all to see, including bride-to-be Lindsey."To reveal my bum tattoo, I had to on purpose get seven-balled at the pool in my neighbour's bar in their back garden," he said."If you get seven-balled then the pants come down. I'm a very good pool player so you can imagine the shock amongst the regulars that know me.
"Down came my pants, everyone cheered and Lindsey, my fiancé put her face right in there so she could read the question. This gave my friend Danny time to give me the ring he had stashed and I presented to her as she came up from reading my bum."And what did Lindsey do upon reading the message etched into her partner's arse?
Dustin added: "She cried. I cried. She said yes."Richard Curtis, if you're reading this is your next rom-com right here. Forget Hugh Grant spilling orange juice all over Julia Roberts, this is real. You can't make this shit up. Dustin, we salute you. Congrats to you and Lindsey and, of course, Pinky... who has been forever immortalised in ink in what might be the most poignant (and painful) proposal ever.